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Floating weeks versus fixed weeks

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Our stuation is not staight forward...1n 1990 we bought week 35 in club olympus..which we can bank and use every two years , we can also change the dates with a fee of £55..now we have a big pressure to change to floating week which we do not accept..but the committee appear to vote on it !!! 15 october 2015..  The time share was sold to us as an investment which I understand is illegal..also were locked into a contract for perpertuity..in 2014 I was informed that it is worth £0 only what somebody is willing to pay for it.. we were told in 1990 it will be low maintenance now it is £540 for one week..(August 29 ) they have also change the date to pay for 2015 ...we just paid for this year ..next one will be due in January for use in August.. I have written to them to give back the timeshare as missold and seeking compensation !!! they told me they willl send me some papers but only thing i get is request to change to floating week..the only thing was the unit is being kept low standard of maintenance ... (may have to go legal route £££)
asked Aug 10, 2016 by Sam

1 Answer

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Definitely sounds like there is a breach of contract in there somewhere. Have you discussed the matter with a lawyer?
answered Aug 10, 2016 by travel4fun (11,790 points)