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How do we walk away from a timeshare?

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We purchased a tri-annual timeshare at Coral Sands in Hilton Head in 2011. We have never been able to use it.  The "Developers Week" they said we have, does not exist!  They said they would advertise the week for us during the big golf tournament and that would pay our maintenance fee. This has never happened in 5 years.  
We pay $900 in fees and another $150 to RCI year.  We've paid close to $500 to sell it. It's just not worth it anymore.
We have tried to sell it, rent it, or donate it..and cannot get rid of it. We've been told it has absolutely no resale value.
 We feel scammed by Coral Sands salespeople and truly just want this nightmare to end.
asked Jan 15, 2017 by Donna

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